Are You Searching for an Animal Hospital in Spring Hill Who Understands Your Exotic Pet?

Are You Searching for an Animal Hospital in Spring Hill Who Understands Your Exotic Pet?

Westside Animal Clinic treats all types of exotics including pocket pets, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, small farm animals, and more. If you are not sure where to take your small or exotic animal, call us today to see if we have experience treating your species of pet. We are your Animal Hospital in Spring Hill that can treat most small pets with quality expert care. 

Services We Offer  

We are a full-service animal clinic that provides care to your exotic pet, small farm animals, birds, reptiles, pocket pets, cats, dogs, and rabbits. If you need to travel with your pet, we can provide their international health certification. We offer boarding and grooming services for your furry pals. If you have a pet who is prone to wander, we provide Universal Home Again Microchips. Have an in-house laboratory and pharmacy for your convenience. We are your local animal clinic that strives to provide a comprehensive list of quality services for all types of animals. If we cannot help your animal at our clinic we can likely refer you to a specialist who can. 

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Westside Animal Clinic services the community of Spring Hill and the surrounding towns and rural areas. If you have a dog, cat, small farm animal, bird, or exotic pet in need of care, call us to schedule an appointment for your pet. Whether you are looking to schedule your pet's yearly exam or need urgent care for an injury or illness, we are your premier local veterinarian clinic.  Call us today at (352)-683-1512 to schedule your pet's exam.


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If you are calling after hours, please call emergency clinic 352-666-0904.

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