Preventative Care

Preventative Pet Health Care at Westside Animal Clinic

The best way to provide for your pets is to keep track of their health and wellness. Preventative care in the form of regular checkups can help you avoid a serious pet emergency in the future. Unfortunately, it is normal for pet illnesses and injuries to go unnoticed. However, you can help catch these issues early on by providing your pet proper preventative care. Westside Animal Clinic in Spring Hill offers the testing and treatment your pet needs to maintain its health and wellness for years to come. Here are a few things you need to know about preventative pet care.

Preventative Care

Pets Age Quickly

One of the biggest reasons to ensure that you take care of your pet is because he or she ages quickly. Dogs and cats have shorter lifespans than humans, and exams are necessary each year to prevent a trip to the emergency veterinary clinic. Preventative care helps diagnose serious issues in your pet. You can eliminate the potential for serious health-related issues from occurring by bringing your pet in for routine checkups. Not only can your pet receive an early diagnosis, but treatment can provide care before the issue develops into a condition that could require long-term care or even surgery.

What Does Preventative Health Care Include?

Preventative health care includes a variety of steps. First, our vets will assess your pet's medical history as well as your concerns as the owner and then provide a thorough exam. Exams should take place once a year for most pets, but senior pets and those at high risk for certain health conditions should come in at least twice a year.

Preventative health care also includes testing. If your pet is experiencing symptoms associated with a certain condition, our veterinarians need to perform diagnostic tests. We will run various tests to rule out potential health issues with similar symptoms and diagnose the severity of the condition.   Preventative care also includes dental care, immunizations, and weight-loss maintenance. We also provide parasite prevention treatment based on the animal's potential risk.

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Westside Animal Clinic provides quality pet care for animals in and around the Spring Hill area. If you are looking for an animal clinic that offers dental care, vaccinations, in-house laboratory testing, boarding, or other essential veterinary services, our team is here for you. Contact our clinic today to schedule your pet's next exam or to learn more about how preventative care can help your pet live a long and healthy life. 


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