Exotic Pet Care

Got a Pet Other Than a Cat or Dog?

The word "exotic" might conjure up an image of a rare animal not available through shelters and rescues, but in the world of pet ownership, that's not what it means. An exotic pet is any pet that's not a cat or dog. In other words, your hamster, guinea pig, and cockatoo are all considered exotic pets, as common as they may seem to you. Those pets need special care that doesn't always match up with how cats and dogs are treated, which means you need a special veterinarian. Westside Animal Clinic in Spring Hill offers the care those pets require.

Pets Exotic

Why Are These Pets Exotic?

Common pets like hamsters don't seem very exotic as they race through a plastic tube toward a bowl of hamster chow, but they get that designation because they are not among the animals studied by most vets. The majority of vet care is focused on cats and dogs, so those two animals are considered the standard for veterinary study. Caring for any animal other than those two requires specialized knowledge. Your typical vet's office won't focus on exotic pets because your typical vet studied mainly cats and dogs. Therefore, any animal outside that tiny group is considered exotic.

When looking for a vet, be sure to specify that you’re looking for care for an exotic pet. Within that category are subcategories, but the average exotic pet owner is more likely to have a pocket pet, reptile, or bird. In fact, the moment you start to consider getting an exotic pet is a good time to contact a vet to ask about how to care for these pets at home.

Give Your Pet the Right Care

When you look for veterinary care for your pet, you will need to find both a regular veterinarian's office and an emergency animal hospital that will treat exotic pets. Occasionally, the two can be combined into one facility, as is the case with Westside Animal Clinic in Spring Hill. Whether your pet needs a wellness checkup, a last-minute treatment for ingesting something inedible, or another type of care, we can help your pet get better. Contact us at (352) 683-1512 for an appointment and to find out more about our services.


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