Veterinary Services that Only Aims At Improving a Pet’s Health

Pets are companions, sometimes considered as family members that we care about every day of our lives. As pet owners, we only want the best for them. Here at Westside Animal Clinic, our vet team also want your beloved animals to have the best care possible. We want your pet to live long, healthy, and happy lives. And it can be done with routine vet care, so if you live in Spring Hill area and have a dog, cat, rabbit, pocket pet, reptile, bird, or exotic pet, schedule any of the below veterinary services for it.

Comprehensive Exams & Preventative Care

You probably heard that preventing an illness is better than treating one. We couldn't agree more. Just like humans, there are many illnesses and diseases out in the world that can severely affect your pet’s well-being. However, several of these diseases can be prevented or even managed if they are found early on.

With comprehensive exams, they help identify problems at the early stages so that treatment can begin right away and have your pet feeling better again. Preventative care is a variety of services that give your animal a chance to overcome health problems before they adversely affect it. These two veterinary services are vital for all types of pets.


The thought of surgery is quite concerning and nerve-racking for everyone involved. But, here at Westside Animal Clinic, we want you to know that your pet’s best interest is our priority, and we would not recommend surgery unless it is truly necessary. We are dedicated to ensuring your pet’s surgery is successful and recovers from it completely.


Regardless of how healthy your pet is, it still needs vaccinations to protect it from deadly diseases. Our veterinarian in Spring Hill can help create a vaccine schedule for your pet, so it is protected from those diseases throughout its life. 


If you have healthy teeth and gums, it's probably because you see your dentist for regular teeth cleanings. To ensure that your pet gets the same quality of attention, it needs to see a veterinarian for dental care. Not only can it help your animal to have healthy teeth and gums, but it also prevents oral diseases from harming your pet's overall health.

Other Quality Veterinary Services

  • Avian (Birds) Medical and Surgical
  • Exotic (from snakes to guinea pigs) Medical and Surgical
  • International Health Certification (Interstate as well)
  • Kitten/Cat Re-Homing service
  • Boarding and Bathing
  • Digital Radiography
  • Class IV Laser (K-Laser) and Ultrasonography with Color Flow
  • Complete In-House Laboratory
  • Universal Home Again Microchips
  • Video Otoscopy
  • Comprehensive Pharmacy
  • Price Competitive Online Pharmacy
  • Photomicroscopy
  • Ultrasonography with Color Flow Doppler

Choose Us for All Pet Care Needs

Veterinary services should not be overlooked. They are essential in keeping a pet healthy, happy, and strong. When looking for a veterinarian in Spring Hill, choose us to be your go-to animal hospital for all pet care needs. Give Westside Animal Clinic a call today at (352) 683-1512 to make an appointment for your pet.


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