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Having the right medical care matters for maintaining your health, and that's true for your pet as well. That's why it's essential to ensure your pet is getting the best possible treatment. If you're in the Spring Hill area, our team at Westside Animal Clinic can help you get the veterinary care your pet needs. We offer various services to make sure your pet is receiving state-of-the-art veterinary care all in one place. Whether your pet needs a basic checkup or a more complex treatment plan, our animal clinic offers the diagnostic tools your pet needs to maintain his or her health.


Digital X-Rays

If your pet is suffering from an injury that has resulted in a broken bone, or if they have a mass in their abdomen or other areas, taking an x-ray is the best way to analyze the condition properly. With digital x-rays, images can be captured much faster and studied more easily. This can make a big difference in how fast your pet receives veterinary care and how long it takes to improve his or her overall health. 


Getting an ultrasound is another way to see what's going on in your pet internally. The color flow doppler will show potential problem areas, along with masses, areas where everything's working the way it should, and various potential issues. Getting a quick diagnosis for your pet is crucial, depending on the severity of the condition. The faster and more clearly that diagnosis can be made, the better off your pet is in the long run.

In-House Lab and Otoscopy

At Westside Animal Clinic, we make it easy to manage your pet's healthy by providing all essential diagnotic tools your pet may need, like an in-house laboratory. Lab work and internal examinations that don't have to be performed somewhere else make it easier for your pet to receive the treatment he or she needs. By providing in-house bloodwork, we can diagnose an issue faster, helping us find the right solution to whatever condition your pet may be experiencing. In addition, an otoscope gives us a better view of your pet's ear internally, making it easier to diagnose any ear-related issues.

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When you need a trusted veterinarian for your pet's care in the Spring Hill area, visit us at Westside Animal Clinic. We understand that your pet is part of your family and needs quality treatment for a happy and healthy life. With the right veterinary care, your pet can get better faster, and issues can be caught before becoming more serious. Contact us today to schedule your pet's next veterinary exam or to learn more about how our diagnostic tools can help your pet. 


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