Cat Vaccinations

Vaccinating your cat is a deterrent against harmful viral and bacterial diseases. Cat vaccines have been used for years to protect and save cat lives. If you’ve recently adopted a feline pet, talk to our veterinarians in Spring Hill about vaccinating your furry friend during your next routine checkup. At Westside Animal Clinic, we offer pet vaccines for pet owners in Spring Hill and the surrounding communities. 

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The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Cat vaccines not only protect your pet from diseases, but they also keep pets from spreading those diseases to humans and other animals. Some diseases like rabies can be transmitted to people and other pets. By vaccinating your cat, you can keep yourself, your family, friends, and their pets safe as well. Even indoor cats need to be vaccinated as they can become exposed to a disease when visiting the vet, boarding in a kennel, or playing with another pet. Your Spring Hill, FL veterinarian can help you determine what vaccines are best for your cat, taking into consideration your feline’s age, health, and lifestyle.

Core & Non-Core Vaccines

There are basically two categories of vaccines for cats: core and non-core (or lifestyle) vaccines. We recommend all pets receive core vaccines to safeguard them from high-risk life-threatening diseases. Core cat vaccinations protect your feline against rabies, feline distemper, and feline herpesvirus. The feline distemper vaccine is a three-in-one shot that protects your cat from feline panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus, commonly known as distemper.

Non-core vaccines protect pets against infections they may be exposed to due to their location or lifestyle. An example would be Bordetella, aka kennel cough, which can be spread from pet to pet in a boarding facility. If you regularly board your cat, a Bordetella vaccine can protect him from this illness.

Vaccinations for Kittens

Kittens need a series of vaccines to protect them from disease after they’re weaned from their mother’s milk. Your vet can start the vaccines when your kitten is between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Booster shots will be given every 3 to 4 weeks from the start of the series until your kitten is 16 weeks old. After that, your vet can put him on a regular vaccination schedule. As kittens are generally seen monthly by a vet to monitor their growth and development, their vaccine series can be included in their monthly routine checkup.

Schedule Cat Vaccinations at our Animal Clinic in Spring Hill, FL

Vaccinating your cat is one of the best ways to protect him from dangerous diseases. Cat vaccinations can help prolong the lifespan of your feline and enhance its quality of life. To schedule vaccinations for your furry friend, contact our veterinarians at Westside Animal Clinic by calling us at (352) 683-1512 .


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