Dog Vaccinations

What You Need to Know About Dog Vaccines

Puppies require vaccines to start their lives on the right foot. In the State of Florida, it is mandatory to vaccinate your dogs against rabies once they reach four months of age. Providing good veterinary care involves administering "core" vaccines to your dogs, along with additional vaccines in special cases. Dr. Harbert, Dr. Hicks, Dr. Howe, and Dr. Green at Westside Animal Clinic in Spring Hill want to educate you on the necessary vaccines for puppies and their importance. 

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Core Vaccines

In Florida, there are four essential vaccines that every puppy must receive as per the law. These vaccinations include:

    • Rabies
    • Parvovirus
    • Canine Distemper
    • Canine Hepatitis

These four types of shots are crucial for every dog. Whether your dog primarily stays indoors, enjoys water activities, or has a role as a watchdog, it is essential to protect them against these diseases. Prior to the availability of these vaccines, numerous dogs lost their lives or had to be euthanized in the interest of public safety. Complying with the law and administering core vaccines can potentially save your dog's life.

Preventive Medications

In addition to the core vaccines, there are certain conditions that not all dogs are exposed to. However, some dogs still require protection from these conditions. For example:

    • Roundworms can be contracted by eating wild animals.
    • Bordetella, or kennel cough, can be caught from other dogs.
    • Hookworms can be acquired from the soil.
    • Leptospirosis can be contracted through contact with another animal's urine.
    • Parainfluenza can be transmitted when dogs are in close contact with a large number of other dogs.

Protecting your pet against these avoidable diseases is crucial!

Making Vaccination Easier for Your Dog

In the past, veterinarians used to caution pet owners about potential vaccine reactions. However, vaccines have significantly advanced since then. Modern vaccines have a more targeted effect on the canine immune system. They are formulated to activate your dog's immunity to specific diseases without causing fatigue or inflammation. Vaccinations are also much less painful than they used to be.

Modern vaccines can be administered in low doses. Most of the time, your vet can immunize your dog against potentially fatal diseases—ones that could spread to your other pets—with just one milliliter (mL) of vaccine. That is approximately one-fifth of a teaspoon or 20 drops. The shot will not cause more discomfort than a second or two. In some cases, pet vaccinations can be administered to smaller animals with just half a milliliter (mL) of vaccine, which is equivalent to 10 drops.

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