What a Happy Group...Wonder What They Had for Breakfast!

Lets introduce you to the Truly WACky crew at Westside Animal Clinic

  • Dr. Mary Green

    Dr. Mary Green

    Dr. Green was born and raised in beautiful Miami Beach and though Miami is south of the Florida/Georgia border this gal aint no cracker! She graduated from the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. When she went home beautiful Miami Beach was treeless, paved, condo-ed and not-so-beautiful so her migration north ended at an exotics practice in Lutz Florida. From there she went to the wild world of Emergency Medicine and moonlighting at the local day practices (or is that daylighting at the day practices and moonlighting at the emergency clinic?) At any rate that's when she came to work part time for us at Westside in 2000 and we havent let her go since. She has become very adept at ultrasonography and has honed her surgical skills over the years to a 'sharp edge' if we can excuse the play on words. How she works so much yet taking care of two young kids and a couple  critters to boot is beyond imagination. We think she never sleeps. That would explain alot!

  • Dr. Jessica Howe

    Dr. Howe is Dr. Green's associate. We have been through a lot of different scenarios and relief vets over the past 10 years or so but nothing really worked out right until Dr. Howe came along. Now she is home. Graduating from Michigan State a few years back she bring some new Veterinary insights and ideas for Dr. Hicks to try to digest (Dr. Green seems to have kept up just fine). She is very personable and pleasant to work with and its easy to see that she cares about the pets and their owners just like the rest of us at Westside. Some folks make you feel you have known them forever when you first meet them and Dr. Howe is one of those folks. We feel lucky to have her and her short legged shadow, Penelope on board along with her Larger counterpart Beulah, hopefully for a long time to come.

  • Alyson Bruce

    Alyson started at Westside Animal Clinic in 2018 as a volunteer in order to get experience while attending classes at St. Petersburg College of Veterinary Nursing.  Since her time as a volunteer, Alyson completed her courses and earned her Veterinary Technician degree. She is a hard worker who is eager to learn, but always takes time to show that she truly cares for the patients. All of the pet parents leave knowing how much she cares.  While she is not toiling hard at school she enjoys playing video games, crocheting beautiful creations, and  spending time with her rambunctious Boston Terriers – William Norton and Raine. 

  • Christine Kurtanick

    Christine was born in Edison, New Jersey (we try not to hold that against her) and has lived in Brooksville since 2001 and she joined the Westside crew in 2002. She enjoys working with Dr. Green and her exotics and birds as well as dogs and cats. She earned her college degree in Veterinary Technology while working full time with us. That's a pretty terrific task to accomplish.  She has two critters at home: Buddy, an 11 year old Terrier Poodle cross and Jade, a calico cat that she bottle fed as a kitten and couldn't let go of. If Westside was high school and we handed out superlatives Christine would be at the top of those running for 'easiest to get along with'.

  • Theresa Danas

    As Heather’s daughter, Theresa has been a member of the Westside family since she was a baby.  She joined the clinic in an official capacity in 2019 to work in the kennel.  During her time in the kennel she showed interest in working with the patients so in 2020 she started work as a technician.  

  • Cindy Nicolini

    Aka CJ was born in New England but its been so long ago she apparently cant remember which part. She started her veterinary career at age 16 but not at Westside. She came to work our front desk and to mother our young ladies in 1999. She is mom to a son and daughter, grandmother to one grandson and mom  to 1 dogs, 1 horse. She is now semi-retired just to feed that brood. CJ is yin to Josette's yang up front. They are the antithesis of each other and together do a great job taking care of clientele like the nurses take care of our patients. Always ready to give out masks, tissues, and hugs.

  • Heather Danas

    'Header' is the other half of the dynamic duo in the back. The kennel is the best place in the hospital to work when you want hands on with the pets but can't stand needles or blood! Heather has been with us since 2002 as our kennel manager. She says the best part of her job is 'adding the love' between chores. Heather loves to come to work in the morning but its a toss up as to whether it is the work she loves or getting away from the 2 male rug rats at home that makes her happy! 

  • Cheryl Van Gyzen

    Cheryl has been with since 2006. She is our Laboratory Technician, and a Certified Veterinary Technician way back. She has been employed in both the Laboratory world and the Veterinary world and now both at the same time here at Westside. Cheryl authored a manual on Veterinary Technology so must know something about it. We mostly keep her chained to the wall in our new Lab and ring her bell whenever she is needed. Her claim to fame is 'thinking outside the box' and I must say she comes up with new ideas all the time. The one about the drive through window didn't work out so well though really...

  • Tish Vilanti

    Oh how do we describe Tish? Quiet? Demur? I don't think so. I guess first you would have to ask 'is that with or with out caffeine?' Lets describe Tish this way: You know how awkward it is in an elevator when you get in and no one looks around or talks to the other person? Well lets just say Tish has never had that happen! Vivacious as she is hardworking, she buzzes around here with or without caffeine and occasionally gets something right. Tish has spent years as Dr. Hicks' right arm helping in outpatient care but also as his little 'PA' making callbacks, running errands etc. She is our director of International Health Certification (now that is a fancy title) Dr. Hicks says she can't leave the practice until he retires and he isn't retiring until he's cold and stiff so...she hopefully has a long tenure ahead!  

  • Cindy Andrews

    Aka Clippy (named after a clipboard) should tell some of Clippys job description. Yup she does the ordering around here though primarily she is our head surgical nurse. She is originally from Michigan which is where all the really nice people in Spring Hill are from. She has bragging rights to seniority around here having been here since 1990. That's not a typo! Clippy is kind of our highest ranking noncommissioned officer around here and she is often above and beyond the call of duty staying late or coming in on weekends when needed. She is almost always first in come morning and last out at night. Clippy is there when you need a hand and all too ready to give it. We couldn't get along without her at Westside. She is a big part of the history and a big part of our future too. Clippy has vowed to live forever and so far so good!

  • Juday (Born "Judy") Fay

    9Born in Illinois and moved to Florida in 1979, She started her career in Veterinary Medicine back in 1988 and like most of us started as kennel person and worked her way up the ladder. To show for it she owns 9 cats and 1 adorable dog named, Daryl. We stole Judy from the Animal Emergency of Pasco clinic. She says there is nothing interesting about her so that’s what I am writing. She does enjoy fishing, racquetball, bowling and other redneck stuff.

  • Joanne Hallett

    Joanne is the strong silent type... kind of the Clint Eastwood of the receptionist set. She came to us after years as a veterinary receptionist and, thank God, she is the quiet type.  We have all the wild and crazy we need in one spot. She is more like CJ working her butt off up front not bothering anybody but make the wheels run smoothly the whole time.  She caught on to the job amazingly fast and we are glad to have this newcomer in the fold. She's a keeper and loved by all . She is our 'HORSIE' person with 3 ponies and 3 Australian  shepherds that cater and round up her 5 cats and ponies.

  • Josette De Oliviera

    Josette: AKA 'HO', Josette has been here since circa 2007. Quirky sense of humor doesn't cover it. This broad is certifiable. Nobody gets intense around here when Josette (or Tish) are working. They know when to cut up and when not to but Lord when they do you can hear them all over the hospital especially Tish's laugh... Jo was a part timer that has come back to work full time in 2020 after a try on a new career to realize how much she missed her WAC family.  Josette was born in (does anyone ever really say 'Hails from' out loud?) Long Gyland and moved down here circa 1977. She has almost  lost count of her critters: , 1 bird, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rescued opossum and a 250 lb. pig named Tibby that followed her to work one day..... work one day; it followed her to work one day and stayed in the receptionist office the whole time (sung to the tune of Mary had a little lamb but we don't have a Mary nor do we have a lamb). Actually he use to come to visit on Fridays but is too large to fit in a car.  Ho is an empty nester having raised a daughter and a son hence the critters maybe?


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