Signs your Pet May Have Allergies


Pets can have allergies, just like humans. According to the AKC, these allergies can be caused by the same types of triggers, from pollen to food ingredients. From sneezing and watery eyes to changes in behavior and even appearance.

At our Westside Animal Clinic in Spring Hill, FL, we can diagnose and treat any symptoms your pet may be experiencing. Here are the most common signs of pet allergies:

Sneezing and Watery Eyes

Seasonal allergies can impact pets. For example, if there's pollen in the air and your pet suddenly sneezes, allergies are almost to blame. While you'll need a trip to the veterinarian to get the whole picture, sneezing and watery eyes often accompany a seasonal allergy in pets.

Hair Loss and Scratching

Some pet allergies related to food can cause hair loss. For example, if you discover bald patches on your pet, their food may be to blame. Likewise, allergies to fish or grains can trigger hair loss and skin symptoms.

Our veterinarian can help determine if your pet is eating the right foods. In some cases, a pet that didn't have food sensitivities could develop them later in life. Likewise, an ingredient change in a preferred food brand could trigger an allergy. Our veterinarian can help determine if allergies are to blame for hair loss.


Fleas can bite any pet, but pets with allergies will be significantly affected. A flea allergy can put your pet's overall health at risk. Extreme scratching and discomfort could signify fleas and a flea allergy. While preventative care with flea medication is vital for any pet, it is essential for those with a flea allergy.

Get Help with Allergies from your Spring Hill, FL, Animal Clinic

Your pet doesn’t have to suffer alone. Come in for a visit and get the help you need. Contact us today at (352) 683-1512 to learn more about pet care and allergies and to book an appointment for your pet if you are concerned about allergens.


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