Pet Wellness Exams for Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Your pet is more than a pet – it’s a beloved member of your family. And as such, you want to give it a long, healthy life. One of the best ways to do this is through preventative care and regular pet wellness exams at Westside Animal Clinic in Spring Hill, FL. Learn more below.

What Is Preventative Pet Care? 

How often do you visit your regular medical doctor? If you follow recommendations, you should visit at least once a year. During these visits, your doctor does a comprehensive check-up to make sure your body is functioning properly. If anything isn’t doing its job right, your doctor will recommend a course of treatment to keep you healthy.

Pet wellness exams are just like this. Your pet needs to see its veterinarian at least once a year after they’ve turned one. Before then, they’ll often need to visit every one to two months.

During these veterinary visits at your local animal hospital, your pet will receive a full check-up to ensure that it's in optimal health. Your veterinary specialist will take a look at everything, including their heart, ears, lungs, coat, dental health, and more. This comprehensive check-up lets your vet know if anything needs to be addressed before it becomes an issue.

For example, if your pet is overweight, it could lead to many health issues. Your vet will discuss dietary and lifestyle changes that can help address the weight to keep those health issues at bay.

Regular pet care visits are also important because your pet will get any immunizations they need to fight illness and disease. Vaccinations along with ongoing monitoring of health by your animal hospital are two of the most effective ways to keep your pet around for as long as possible.

Schedule Your Preventative Care Appointment with Our Spring Hill, FL, Veterinarian 

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